How to become a stay at home dad.

Let’s start by getting everyone up to date….

My wife (sugar mama) and I had our son in my hometown just outside of Richmond, Virginia almost a year ago.  Sugar mama is a career-oriented woman, who remains passionate about building a strong (and large) family.  I am a guy who was lucky to convince her that I would be a good match, and I very much pride myself on being a good provider for our family.  Sugar mama’s company has been growing rapidly for years, creating a lot of opportunities for her.  We have both worked very hard to create the lifestyle that we always wanted, and she has moved for my career twice.  Now it is my turn to follow her.

We are moving to Nashville, Tennessee for her latest promotion.  This puts my career on the back burner for a month or two, so that I can stay home and watch our son, manage the move, and look for a new career path.  Looking for a new career in a new city is a terribly horrifying experience, but at least I have a sugar mama to take care of me and my son in the mean time.  This is my attempt to document a tumultuous time for our family in an entertaining blog.  Blogging.  Woof.


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