First Weekend: Baby Birthdays, Booze, and a Babysitter

2FA8D85E-B9C0-4266-9D94-9068E76FF2D4.GIFSeptember is prime babymaking time in this town, and that means babies in July.  There were approximately two hundred and thirty five thousand birthday parties for babies of various ages this weekend. It must be the start of football season that gets everyone so randy.  Beer, cooler weather, and a reason to party will get just about anyone in the mood.

I very sneakily avoided all parties to have some selfish alone time, and watch the US men’s national team tie Panama in the Gold Cup.  (That was a weak showing, but I realize this isn’t a sports blog.)  Sugar mama took Shep to the parties though, and represented our family well, so we didn’t lose any hard earned social standing.  Once I was out of my antisocial funk, my mom came to pick Shep up and watch him for one last Saturday date night before we move to Nashville.  It is kind of sad, and the move is becoming less of a distant concern, and more of an imminent threat to our well established groove.

We were ready for a carefree date night.  You know you’re old when you don’t even look at the menu to order at your local Mexican restaurant.  A couple of recently engaged, and extremely fun friends of ours ended up meeting us for dinner, and things quickly spiraled into a booze fest.  The DJ at our favorite karaoke bar was kind enough to pretend like his equipment was broken when Sugar Mama and her friend attempted to do Ghetto Cowboy by Bone Thugs.  He probably saved the night.

Sleeping in was a nice treat Sunday morning, but Sugar Mama had a baby shower to host and I had to mow the lawn before leaving to take care of Shep.  Any amount of rest is always a nice treat, but Sunday-Funday has changed into Sunday-Do-Bunches-Of-Productive-Adult-Things-Day.  It is better this way.

As a stay at home dad, the weekends are quite a bit different.  My main concern used to be spending as much time with Shep as possible, but now the weekend is about trying to have some alone time, and catching up with my friends.  I am still trying to wrap my head around this whole experience, and so far the positives are abundant.

2 thoughts on “First Weekend: Baby Birthdays, Booze, and a Babysitter

  1. Drew you are quite a writer! Enjoy the time as it won’t last forever and I have never been so fortunate to have this experience.


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