Monday: A Test Of Wills

Monday started just like every Monday.  My will survive via sleep, versus my will to survive via adult duties.  The snooze was used lightly, right up until Sugar Mama ever so lovelingly threw Shep onto my chest in what has become the first step in our morning waltz.

A couple cups of coffee, a Carol King record, and a few minutes to peruse the morning news had us ready earlier than normal for our daily hike through suburbia.  Early in the walk, I saw a beautiful red fox crossing the road about fifty yards ahead of us.  Foxes are not common here, so I figured this had to be good omen for the rest of the day.  It was not.  Hopefully it is still a sign of good, if unexpected, things to come for our family.

Shep has a new favorite activity where he sprint crawls to the stairs and starts climbing before you can get over to him.  He looks back and laughs at me when I panic and run over to him.  We let him climb, but make him crawl down.  He doesn’t enjoy the decline.  Consequences are a fact of life, and we hope he starts learning it now.  Sugar Mama is already tired of me telling him to “suck it up” whenever he starts pouting.

Nap time is my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes he sleeps on my arm, and I’ll rest with him.  It is the quiet moments of bonding that I can tell are going to become extremely rare in the not too distant future.  Occasional midday naps with your baby should be a cultural requirement.  Although, it does seem to spoil him a little for the afternoon, and he becomes super clingy.  I’m not trying to raise a stage five clinger.

When you’re a stay at home dad, and your baby is being super clingy, there is only one solution.  Afternoon rosé and leftover pizza.  Disclaimer: We were out of beer, and the rosé was leftover from a Sunday baby sprinkle Sugar Mama hosted.  Also, an ice cold dry rosé is perfect on a humid summer day.  Whatever, I guess I don’t actually need to explain myself, because dads are allowed to drink rosé without judgment.  It was good, and I would probably be judged more harshly for drinking whiskey at 3:30 anyways.

The lack of adult conversation has begun to allow a little bit of loneliness to creep in at times throughout the day, and it has me becoming more open to the idea of play dates.  This was certainly a whiny-brat day, but Sugar Mama consoled me, which helped me to recover quickly once Shep was asleep.

Sugar Mama leaves town for four days tomorrow morning leaving me and Shep alone.  That is me doing some foreshadowing for the long week to come.


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