Tuesday: No Groove

4B50AD65-B1E4-482E-A885-656461DBD49B.GIFThere might not be a groove yet, but we are rolling with the punches.  Sugar Mama left to catch a flight early, but helped me a lot before her Uber arrived.  She will be sorely missed this week.  Let the adventures begin.

During our morning walk, I received a call back from an AC repair company and they said they would be coming later in the morning.  This was perfect timing, because it was between Shep’s nap times.  It was also terrible timing, because it was not during Shep’s nap time.  There’s never a good time.

The AC repairman pretended to fix my AC, and overcharged me for spraying deodorant in the system and sucking up the water with a third rate shopvac.  I’m a college graduate with no knowledge of air conditioning units, so I paid up without argument.  Another company is coming out tomorrow.  Colleges should have an elective class for basic home repair.

Luckily the “repairman” finished in time for Shep and I to go get our haircut by an awesome lady named Penny.  The appointment was scheduled one half hour before his midday nap.  He was tired and calm, so all the ladies loved him.  Penny has been chopping locks off of my family’s head for over two decades, and we took Shep to her for his first haircut.  She seemed to really enjoy holding him and getting to play for a little while.  If you’re ever in the Richmond area, and need to look good, call Penny.

Another home showing was scheduled for early afternoon, so Shep and I headed to grandma’s for a nap.  Naturally, I hit the wrong sequence of numbers on their alarm, and nearly ruined nap time.  After a few conversations with the county police dispatch, an alarm company, and finally my mom, the alarm was disarmed.

Once I was able get a diaper change completed, there was a large wet spot on my shirt; either pee, water, or apple juice.  It was probably all three, but I was already on shirt number three for the day and too tired to figure it out.  My shirt dried, and didn’t smell.  Good enough.  Exhaustion eventually won and we napped for two hours.

After that awesome nap, Shep wanted to play all afternoon, so I played DJ with my records in an effort to keep him entertained.  We were having a lot of fun, so he stayed up about thirty minutes after his bedtime.  When there is a few hours of nothing going wrong and he is having fun, I really try to stretch it out as long as possible.  Those easy going good times seem to be rare for a stay at home dad.

I was ready to relax at the end of the day.  Surely it would be necessary to recharge for Wednesday.  Hopefully fewer things will go wrong.

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