Midweek Drudgery

This week’s biggest discovery is how I am helping Shep sleep more often, and for longer stretches.  With summer in full swing, it is too hot to take Shep on our morning walks, so I have been focusing on naps for a couple of days.  Slight adjustments to nap times have him sleeping over 3 hours a day.  It’s amazing. Sleep is the key to sanity for everyone.

We are still trying to figure out what is wrong with the AC system in our house.  What a mess.  When two different companies give you two different stories, something is fishy, and you stop trusting repairmen entirely.  At this point, I just hope it fixes itself, or blows up entirely.  Shep and I hung out at my parents house again while we couldn’t have the AC running.  Grandma made BLTs!  Big win.

We slept downstairs one night, while the house cooled down after having the air off all day.  Shep slept through the night in his pack and play, and I woke up shivering at one point.  We will assume that’s a good sign for the AC fixing itself.  Owning a house sucks sometimes, but then the HVAC breaks down when you are trying to sell your home, and it seems like a terrible idea all around.  Things are not going easy right now.

Boredom is becoming my greatest challenge as the days meld together and what used to be difficult is becoming more mundane.  This morning I put on David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” in an effort to spice things up a bit.  Shep enjoyed it thoroughly.  Sugar Mama also surprised us with Paul Simon’s Graceland album in the mail, probably to say thank you and sorry at the same time.  It was a nice treat, and Shep loved dancing to it.

This morning may have been the first time I felt a deep appreciation for all of the nap times, crawling around, dancing, talking, and watching him experience things for the first time.  As a father, it really is unique and special to get this time with my son, and I need to stay focused on that fact.  At one point today, I even had a thought that it may not be all that bad if this experience dragged on for a while; not too long though.

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