The Day of No Responsibility

8C01AFB5-D290-4FBB-A385-43A2331563B0Even as a stay at home dad, you get a long weekend sometimes.  Well, it felt long anyways.  Sugar Mama was out of town most of last week, so she gave me Saturday morning through Sunday morning off:  The Day of No Responsibility.  It felt deserved, and I took full advantage.  Shep was gassy all week, because we just switched him from formula to whole milk.  My goal is to never spend a full week alone with an 11 month old that has a butt full of dairy farts.

My neighbor friend also happened to be home alone for the weekend, so I decided to show him a “local’s spot” at the river.  He’s outdoorsy and likes to drink, so we took our dogs down and drank too much.  This spiraled into a night of drinking at the local sports dive across the street from our neighborhood.  Another friend of ours came to meet up and injected a little energy into the night by ordering a couple rounds of shots.  Suburban rage night was a resounding success, and ended with us taking turns picking 90’s songs from Spotify in his sunroom, and trying not to be the first old dude to pass out.  My goal is usually to control my drinking enough to remember the walk home; that didn’t happen.

The Day of No Responsibility was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time.  It was a great treat to truly let loose, and not have to worry about an emergency work call, or something going wrong at home.  It was a real treat, and something I know will be very uncommon in my life.

Monday still hits like a ton of bricks, but I was mentally recharged and ready to get my week started.  We went for our daily run, applied for jobs, napped, played, cleaned, and had a great day.  This little bit of time to focus on family is still very fun, but there is always the creeping anxiety of our impending move and the stress of my career.  Perhaps I’ll have to move my rosè happy hours up an hour or  so to keep the anxiety at bay.

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